Cathedral ranges is a unique attraction in the Central Highlands that is situated on the western rim of the Cerberean Caldera, the remains of a volcano that erupted some 373 million years ago leaving a crater stretching 25km in width. To put this in perspective Mt Pinatubo in the Phillipines was responsible for the largest eruption of the 20th century and created a caldera only 2.5km across.

Tilted sandstone stretches for 7km along the ridge providing amazing scenery and a great platform to enjoy unimpeded views of the surrounding region.  Pitch a tent along little river, take your pick from a multitude of walks or challenge yourself on a number of rock climbing routes.

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Rock Climbing

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Little River Road, Taggerty, Victoria, 3714, Australia.

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The Central Highlands of Victoria have been logged for more than 150 years, with the majority of timber extracted going into making paper or cardboard boxes. As a result of past overcutting and recurrent wildfires, there is now very little forest that if logged will produce sawn timber. Only poor-quality trees that will be chipped for paper making are left. The bottom line is that Victoria will be financially better off without logging in Mountain Ash and Alpine Ash forests; some estimates suggest that the state would be ahead by between $110 million and $190 million annually if logging stopped today. This problem needs to be recognised.

Share your voice to preserve these regions for generations to come. Contact your local MPs and encourage them to support the creation of the Great Forest National Park.


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Black Spur Drive

Scenic Drive

Wind your way for 28km along one of the best scenic drives in the region through luxuriant forest characterised by the tallest flowering tree on earth

Blowhard Summit


Blowhard Summit is a picturesque trail that leads to a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. 

Bruno's Art and Sculpture Garden

Places of Interest

Nestled amongst the luscious rainforest setting lives a collection of original unforgettable characters lovingly hand crafted by Bruno Torfs from clay and fired onsite in his kiln.

Cumberland Walk


The walk features the Big Tree and the Sitka Spruce, Coralline Falls, Cumberland Falls, and Sovereign View.

Elephant Tree

Giant Trees

This towering tree found along the Cumberland Walk is an ancient Mountain Ash thought to be approximately 400 years old

Keppel Falls


This short walk through lush forest takes you to the base of Keppel falls

Keppel Lookout Trail


One of the most challenging and magnificent walks in the area, Keppel Lookout Trail takes you on a journey through a diversity of forest types including Stringybark and the majestic Mountain Ash.

Mt Torbreck


At 1516m above sea level Mt Torbreck offers spectacular views across the surrounding landscape.

Snobs Creek Falls


Wander your way through lush vegetation to find the tranquil Snobs Creek Falls

Steavenson Falls


Cascading eighty-four metres, Steavenson Falls is one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the region.

The Acheron Way

Scenic Drive

The Acheron Way (C507) provides an idyllic drive or bike ride through the heart of the Central Highlands.
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    Proposed Parks

    We propose adding 355,000 hectares of protected forests to the Central Highlands of Victoria to form the Great Forest National Park

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    Existing Parks

    Currently there is only 170,000 hectares of parks and protected areas in the Central Highlands of Victoria


Help support our work in expressing the conservation needs and compelling opportunities that we could address through the establishment of the Great Forest National Park for Victoria.

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The Great Forest National Park is a large complex proposal, covering environmental impacts and the conservation of wildlife, economic benefits to the area and more. Visit our FAQ for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions
The traditional custodians of this country include the Bunurong (Boon Wurrung), Gunaikurnai, Taungurung (Daung warring) and Wurundjeri indigenous Australians. We acknowledge this land belongs to the sovereign people of the First Nations. This land was stolen from them and their sovereignty was never ceded. This park conservation plan is subject to ongoing discussions and approvals with relevant clans and corporations and fully supports and recognises all their cultural rights, control and access.


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Businesses can become brand partners for the project by supporting the Great Forest National Park initiative and pushing the proposed park to their audience.
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